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June 2019:  Our summer edition outlines changes to the Classification system for diagnosing periodontal disease and peri implant disease.  This is based upon the proceedings of the 2017 World Workshop in Periodontology.

February 2019:  On rare occasion, it becomes necessary to consider removal of a failed dental implant.  Historically, this has not been a graceful process, but new advancements in procedures and techniques have significantly simplified this operation.

June 2018:  HALITOSIS—A SENSITIVE SUBJECT.  This newsletter investigates some of the leading causes of bad breath and discusses methods to improve this condition both at home and at the dental office.  

February 2018:  This edition investigates the root shield technique as a way to improve healing of hard and soft tissues after a tooth is removed.  A small segment of the root is retained to support the surrounding tissues when an immediate dental implant is placed to optimize the aesthetic outcome.

October 2017:  This newsletter investigates the gummy smile as it relates to altered active eruption and altered passive eruption.  We also look at an updated classification system that has recently been proposed.

June 2017:  We use this opportunity to discuss a recent study investigating the correlation between corrosion of titanium oxide dental implant surfaces and the incidence of peri implant disease.

February 2017:  One of the most challenging elements of planning, placing and restoring dental implants is to provide a highly aesthetic outcome.  This newsletter investigates methods for predictably enhancing implant placement surgery, tissue development and restoration to provide optimal outcomes.

October 2016:  This edition of our newsletter outlines the newest guidelines for taking antibiotics in conjunction with dental appointments.  Many times, it is necessary to pre-medicate with antibiotics to help prevent complications associated with oral bacteria affecting certain heart conditions and artificial joints.

June 2016:  This newsletter investigates the use of a new type of dental implant made of zirconia as opposed to traditional titanium dental implants.  This state of the art technology offers an alternative to individuals who may not be able to have a traditional titanium implant to replace one or more missing teeth.

February 2016:  This edition reviews how a history of cancer treatment affects periodontal health and treatment.  We review some of the many oral health concerns associated with cancer treatment, including inflamed gums, dry mouth, difficulty speaking and chewing, erosion of tooth enamel etc.


October 2015:  This edition of the newsletter discusses a novel approach of simultaneously augmenting bone and gum tisse to develop an indeal foundation for dental implants.  We also welcome Owen John to the Serra family!


June 2015:  One of the most common challenges we face in periodontics is determining the prognosis of diseased teeth and tissue.  This newletter investigates a novel metric which may help to improve accuracy and predictability in determining periodontal prognosis.


Februrary 2015:  Here, we look at the 3-D conebeam CT technology and how it is utilized to significantly enhance the processes of diagnosis and treatment planning for dental implants, orthodontics, root canal treatment, airway management and sleep dentistry.


October 2014: Our final newsletter of the year discusses Periodontal Accellerated Osteogenic Orthodontics.  This procedure allows comprehensive orthodontic treatment to be completed in as little as 1/3 of the normal treatment time.


June 2014: This newsletter reviews updated guildelines and risks associated with bisphosphonate medications, such as Fosamax and Actonel, and dental surgery.


February 2014: Our first update of the year investigates utilizing tissue engineering to grow new gingiva without the need for harvesting tissue from the palate or utilizing donor tissue from another source.  Tissue engineering is the future or periodontal treatment.


October 2013: This newsletter discusses the random, burst nature of periodontal disease.  One of the most common questions we face as oral health providers is when did I get gum disease and how will it progress? We also discuss the new ADA guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis in the dental office.


June 2013: This update provides an interesting review of the maxillary sinuses and how they relate to implant placement and restoration.  Here, we review the anatomy of the sinus and how surgical treatment may be used to augment bone in preparation for dental implant placement.


February 2013: This newletter discusses the use of bone grafting materials and techniques for the purposes of preserving bone after the removal of a tooth.  This is a very useful technique in preparing the jaw bone to receive a dental implant.


October 2012: Our final newsletter of 2012 reviews the pathophysiology of peri-implant disease and what we can do as dental professionals to prevent this from occuring and signficantly improve the long term outcomes of our implant treatment.


June 2012: This newsletter discusses the use of connective tissue to significantly improve the esthetic contours and emergence characteristics of dental restorations. Several advantages of soft tissue include significant longevity and a high level of predictability.


Februrary 2012:  This update reviews how short and narrow diameter dental implants may be used to predictably treat patients, potentially avoiding the need for secondary surgical procedures, such as large bone grafting and  sinus grafting.  We also looked at how newer implant surface technology may accelerate the healing time of dental implants.


Online Periodontal Resources


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The Academy of Osseointegration online resource for dental implants


The American Dental Association information page regarding general dental health




Dr. Serra was published in the Journal of Inflammation discussing the relationship of anti seizure medication on the inflammatory process that affects periodontal disease and soft tissue deterioration.


Serra et al. Suppression of LPS-induced matrixmetalloproteinase responses in macrophages exposed to phenytoin and its metabolite, 5-(p-hydroxyphenyl-), 5-phenylhydantoin.  Journal of Inflammation 2010, 7:48