Periodontal Maintenance (Dental Cleaning)


Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory process that results in the deterioration of the bone and other supporting structures that form the foundation for your teeth. This process is very similar to other chronic diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, in that there is no cure.  It is often painless and very destructive.  All recommended periodontal treatment is aimed at managing this inflammatory process, thus preventing further bone loss around your teeth.


A successful long term outcome in treating periodontal disease requires regular periodontal maintenance.  We will work as a team with you and your general dentist to ensure that we are able to identify and treat areas of concern quickly and precisely.  Many times, periodontal maintenance is alternated between our office and your general dentist.  This may occur as frequently as every three to four months.  The key to achieving and mainting periodontal health over a life time is early diagnosis and treatment, followed by prompt treatment. 


Periodontal maintenance may appear similar to a regular dental cleaning. However, there are several distinct differences.  A regular dental cleaning is a non therapeutic procedure for the maintenance of a healthy mouth. This is only provided for patients with no history of periodontal disease. Periodontal maintenance is a periodic cleaning that reflects the ongoing treatment of periodontal disease. 


Your periodontal maintenance appointment will include:


  • Update of your medical and dental history

  • Periodontal examination and measurements of your periodontal pockets

  • Comprehensive periodontal cleaning

  • Oral hygiene instructions

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